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Introducing Pearler's New Compliance Insights Feature

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Understanding your compliance to an RFP or Security Questionnaire is critical for Product Managers to know where R&D should invest

8th October 2022

As a product manager, understanding how your product matches up with customer expectations is essential for success. You need to be able to identify where you are falling short and where the best investment of your R&D dollars lies. Pearler understands this, which is why we're proud to introduce our new Compliance Insights feature that can help make that process easier and more efficient.

How it works

Pearler stores the Compliance status for every question that you respond to. Compliance Insights allows you to search across all your projects, extracting the Compliance status along with other key data. Filters allow you to adjust the time range, industry vertical, compliance status' allowing you to quickly and easily find the answers you need.

You can export all of the data into CSV and open it in Excel so that can be combined with other data sets and give even greater insights. Perhaps most importantly, you can filter to only non-compliant responses so that you can quickly identify areas where improvements or investments must be made in order to stay competitive in your market.

Gain new insights with Compliance Insights

The Benefits of Compliance Insights

At its core, Pearler's Compliance Insights feature helps increase efficiency by making it easier for product managers to assess how closely they are able to match their customer's requirements. This insight gives you an edge in the marketplace by helping ensure that customers remain satisfied with your products and services over time.

This tool makes it easier for product managers to focus on what really matters—developing products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Export the insights data into Excel

We hope our new Compliance Insights feature helps give product managers greater insight into customer feedback so they can make informed decisions about their products and services. By understanding exactly what customers expect from their products, they can adjust accordingly in order to meet or exceed those expectations over time. We believe this will put our users at an advantage when it comes to staying competitive in an ever-shifting marketplace. Try out our new Compliance Insights feature today!

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